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    Welcome to Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails

    We are a community based organization of friendly neighbors and volunteers who work together to keep the trails in Copperfield clean, open, and welcoming to everyone who feels like stopping by!
  • We're Getting a Park!

    If you weren't already aware, for years, FCNT has been working hard to have a park brought into the neighborhood. The good news is, as of February of 2014, the park is 90% complete!

New Events Calendar!

Okay, so for now, it's just a list, but we've got a more convenient location to see what we're doing in the future. You can find our new calendar by hovering over "The Organization" and clicking "Events Calendar" up at the top! Here is a direct link!

Discussion Boards!

We're running a test of a new discussion board system, so people can actively chat on this site. Take a look! (We've fixed the link now. Thanks Jeff!)

New Park Updates!

The park is nearing completion! It shouldn't be too long now, but in any case we have new information on the status of the new park / playground being built. Check it out!