• The Park Is Open!

    After almost a decade of petitioning, planning, designing, and working, the park on Yager Lane is open! Click here for some pictures!
  • Trail Map Updated

    The park on Yager might be the current star of the show, but remember, we still have a whole bunch more trail to see! As such, Alice has updated the map, which you can use to plan your next walk!

September 6th Work Day!

Another day, another meet! We'll be meeting at the Blakeney Lane entrance on September 6th at 9:00 AM. Here's some more info!

Discussion Boards!

We're running a test of a new discussion board system, so people can actively chat on this site. Take a look!

New Park Updates!

The park is built! Take a look at some pictures until we update them some more! Check it out!