Cat Roundup

As you’ve probably noticed, the Copperfield neighborhood is home to not only people and their pets, but a large number of stray animals, particularly cats. Sure, there’s the occasional stray dog here or there, but for the most part, you’ll likely see at least one stray cat running around at some point, day or night.

As a result, one member of our community has taken it upon herself to assist in combating part of the issue, which is uncontrolled breeding of all the strays. She brings the cats in to the Austin Humane Society to be neutered to help curb the population safely and humanely. Upon neutering or spaying each cat, the shelter snips one of the cats ears to clearly mark that they have already been neutered, as such:


After the cats have been through a short recovery period, they are returned to where they were caught.  We do not just remove cats from the area.

If you notice a number of stray cats in your area and would like to report them, we can schedule in a time to have them safely trapped and transported for the proper treatment. Feel free to send us an email on the contact page.

Please note, this is not a kitten collection service of any kind. Please do not contact us in regards of dropping off a box of kittens or re-homing any cats you may have found, we unfortunately do not have the resources to handle this ourselves.  Again, this is not a cat collection service, this is a stray cat neutering and spaying service.  All cats will be returned to where they were originally caught.


For rehoming cats that are not strays, you can contact the Austin Humane Society directly by visiting their website here.

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    • Ahh! I suppose I should have clarified. Whenever a cat is neutered or spayed, they are returned to exactly where they were trapped!

      Because it’s impossible to catch all the cats, there will still be some that breed and maintain an active population. This service acts as a way of keeping the entire population under control.

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