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Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails (FCNT for short) is a volunteer-based community of friendly neighbors who either currently live in, live near, or used to live in the Copperfield area here in Austin, Texas.  The community is dedicated to improving the neighborhood, focusing primarily on the general maintenance of the local nature trails connecting to Copperfield Park.

FCNT typically does park cleanups at least four times a year.  While these are the official volunteer times, most of us honestly like to just pick up some trash any time we’re walking through the park, doing whatever we can to keep our environment clean and friendly for the many welcomed guests that visit on a daily basis.


FCNT at city hall in June of 2009 – Click for better resolution

Additionally, we work in conjunction with Austin Parks Foundation, Keep Austin Beautiful, and the City of Austin for funding and resources in order to better clean our parks and to stay connected to the general region of parks and people keeping them clean.

Ultimately, we’re really just a bunch of friendly neighbors.  We bump into each other on morning or evening walks, we see each other on the way to work, we chat at the park, and we have some nice cleanup after parties.  We’re really all just a group of neighbors just trying to do what we can to make our neighborhood a nicer place for ourselves and everyone who chooses to visit, which is why we’re the Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails.

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    • okay, I’ll add you to the list. We generally have at least 4 volunteer days a year: It’s My Park Day in Spring and one in Fall, Keep Austin Beautiful Day in Spring, and MLK Volunteer Saturday in January. There area couple of Keep Austin Beautiful Creek Adopters that pick up trash along the trail/creek in addition to us on other days and there is also a Yager Lane trash pick up group that meets every 2nd Saturday at 9 AM at Yager Food Mart.

    • thanks for your interest in volunteering on Copperfield Trails! Happy Trails.
      You are added to email list.

    • done. Our next big volunteer event will be on March 2, 2024 for It’s My Park Day! with Austin Parks Foundation. Consider registering on our Keep Austin Beautiful Give Pulse page where you can document any solo trash pick up using the “impact” function and also find out about upcoming events. https://givepul.se/k5ryqg

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