2022-2023 Volunteer Events Planned

Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails partners with Austin Parks Foundation, the City of Austin, and Keep Austin Beautiful to host volunteer opportunities to help keep the Copperfield trail and park a great place to visit the great outdoors.

September and October 2022: pending volunteer opportunities if we get some relief from the heat, like enhancing native plants and trash pick up or mulching.

It’s My Park Day Fall with Austin Parks Foundation: November, 5, 2022-stay tuned for registration info as we approach Nov 5. Planning stages for possible picnic, trash pick up and/or mulching.

December 2022, Jan and Feb 2023: to be scheduled-stay tuned for opportunities to participate in activities like enhancing native plants, trash pick up, or mulching.

It’s My Park Day Spring with Austin Parks Foundation March 4, 2023: activity to be decided including enhancing native plants, trash pick up or mulching

April 2023 expect Keep Austin Beautiful Day volunteer opportunity-stay tuned for more details.

May-Aug: it gets hot out so individual volunteer trash pick up encouraged, disposing of trash haul in park trash cans or take home.

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